Get Involved – Choirs

How to get involved – Choir Leaders

  1. Register your interest
    Send an email to with a rough estimate of the number of singers you are likely to bring, and your commitment to participate.
  2. Sound Files and Scores
    Repertoire sound files and scores will be provided to choir leaders. These will form the basis for teaching the songs to your choir.
  3. Registration (opens in March)
    Singers will pay a registration fee of £10. (This covers the cost of the venues, introductory sessions, rehearsals, and other admin costs. Any surplus will be added to the sponsorship total for Water Aid.)

    • As singing leader, you are responsible for collecting registration fees from your singers and paying it in (You may alternatively choose to nominate a trusted member of your choir to do this.) You may start this as soon as you like.
    • We will be in a position to accept registration money in March. Until then, please just keep your own records.
    • We would prefer registration money to be sent via PayPal. Instructions to follow soon.
    • You may provide the link to the sound files and scores to singers who pay the fee
      (the resources are provided for their own use specifically for this event and must not be used for any other purpose)
    • You do not need to send us the names of individual singers, just the Choir/group name and the total number of singers you are registering.
    • Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE although you are free to manage swaps within your group, as we don’t need to know the individual names.
  4. Teaching
    You are free to teach and learn songs in whichever way you choose. This could be as part of your regular rehearsal sessions, or perhaps as additional teaching sessions / rehearsals.It is considered perfectly reasonable to charge appropriately for additional teaching sessions.
    The Natural Voice leaders that make up the Sing For Water Cardiff Steering group are available to teach additional sessions by arrangement. Please contact us to discuss.

    We strongly recommend that the songs are taught by ear, without giving out copies of scores. Word sheets are provided which are fine for learning, but do remember that on the day songs will be performed without sheet music or words!

  5. Fundraising
    Singers will be encouraged to raise funds for WaterAid in the months leading up to the event.
    The best and easiest way of doing this is online via – we have our very own event listed under WaterAid – doing it this way ensures we are able to track the total raised for this event. There will also be the opportunity to pay in cash and cheques at the WaterAid stand on the day.

    We will send more instructions about fundraising once you have registered your singers.
    Paper sponsorship packs can be obtained by contacting WaterAid.

  6. On the day
    Attend the vital morning rehearsal at The Oval Basin, for final preparation before the mass ‘Sing for Water’ performance in the afternoon.
    (Specific timings will be announced soon, but we expect the rehearsal to be around 10am and the main performance around 2.30pm )

    – Songs will be performed without sheet music or words! –

  7. Dress Code
    We are opting for the well loved “Sing For Water” colour coding. This means you need to wear a top in the appropriate colour for the voice part you are singing:

    Sopranos  – sky blue
    Altos – violet/purple
    Tenors – turquoise
    Basses – dark blue

  8. Busking (Often known as Marasong)
    This is your groups’ chance to do your own thing! We will create a wonderful programme of individual groups performing in sites and venues all around Cardiff Bay to raise further money from audiences. You are encouraged (but not obliged) to prepare a 15 minute busking set.